Nuclear energy debate: it's in the angle

An organisation called Forum Nucleaire, made up of a number of  companies that invest in nuclear energy, has launched a campaign aimed at kick-starting a debate on nuclear energy in Belgium.

Their angle is unusual. It’s not, as one might expect: “nuclear is cheap, nuclear is clean, nuclear is not dangerous if safety standards are adhered to, oil is a lot worse, we rely on Middle-East or Russian oil, and in any case – it’s running out.”

Instead, they highlight that the debate is a complex one and acknowledge that there are good arguments on both sides. By doing so, they are hoping that people will want to learn more and make an informed decision on whether they support nuclear energy or not, instead of agreeing with the hype, which tends to be anti-nuclear.

Seems smart. Attract goodwill by opening up and admitting that there’s a viable position which does not necessarily support your commercial interests. And seek to raise the level of debate so that it is more rational (without presenting a rational view).


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