Starting a new venture

We’ve heard for a while now that Brussels has – paradoxically – become both more technical and political. Scores of regulatory matters are concluded by groups of experts, yet the institutions, including the Commission, are more than ever driven by public sentiment.

While many folk hope that Brussels will once again be a technocrat’s wet dream, chances are it will get more political after the next elections, especially as member states – intrinsically more political – get further stuck in at Brussels level.

In parallel, Brussels is getting crowded. Representatives of companies, non-profits and governments of all types continue to pour in. Which is probably good for balanced policy-making, assuming everyone gets a fair hearing. But it makes it much harder to stand out and get heard.

Given both tendencies – politicisation and tougher competition for attention – I’ve launched Thejll/Moller Communications. We will focus on providing strategic and creative communications counsel to public affairs professionals, to help them build political capital and stand out in a crowded field.

We won’t do regulatory work. It’s not my field, and plenty of people do it very well already. Instead, we will advise on positioning, messaging, campaign and programme strategy, and support implementation across media and all forms of digital. This marks a shift from Limehive, as my company used to be called, which centred on digital.

Assuming we don’t crash and burn spectacularly, I’ll post regular updates on the company LinkedIn page, and will continue to post here about public affairs, digital and so forth here.

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