In one visual: online support for an issues management programme

If you’re working on an issue in which you represent one side of the debate, you’ll need to present that view online. Why? We’ve been over this before, but in short, people who matter will be looking you up online and if you’re nowhere, they’ll read up on the competition, not you.

So you’ll need to have an online presence, it will need to be fed with content, you’ll need to promote it via online marketing and other tactics, and you’ll need to engage on other platforms where your audiences may be active (social media in particular.) Neatly summarised in this visual (I hope!)


2 thoughts on “In one visual: online support for an issues management programme”

  1. Steffen,

    Good stuff.

    I wonder on the traffic drivers piece whether direct mail/direct outreach should also be on there. Given our audience in Brussels is often small, identifiable, personally known to us and eminently email-able/phonecall-able surely dropping them a note/call to say hi and let them know this may be of interest is surely a good way forward. Also could lead to broader conversations.


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