The Public Affairs professional, present and future

Explanatory note: I don’t mean that the PA pro will be out of work and forced to do construction, but rather, that the role of the PA pro will move from putting out fires i.e. dealing with short term regulatory crises, to working with other communications units within organisations to build reputation and brand. The PA pro will still be responsible for communicating to policy makers and their influencers, but focusing on wider issues, not just immediate policy concerns. Ultimately, it’ll mean they’ll need to put out fewer fires in the long run.

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4 thoughts on “The Public Affairs professional, present and future”

  1. I agree with your statement. However, Public Affairs and Public Relations are still considered to be two totally different ball games. There is a world to gain.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jackie. Yes they are, and it’s tricky to overcome as the separation is both structural (PA tends to be entirely separate from other comms disciplines) and cultural (PA folk are often policy wonks who aren’t remotely interested in comms). It’s thus very embedded in most organisations.

  2. I think it adds an extra layer that you have contrasted Western fire fighters with Asian scaffolders since Asian countries are known for their long-term planning abilities. If you trust Hofstede’s cultural analysis anyway. Intended or not, the pictures are brilliant. Thanks

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