Brussels and digital: a different crowd now

I presented to a clever and vocal crowd at the Euractiv “Federations Workshop” this week on how to integrate digital in traditional PA practices (presentation at the bottom of this post, although much of it is just images and may thus not make much sense – feel free to get in touch if you have questions.)

Some thoughts:

  1. In the past, when I did this sort of thing, there were always people in the crowd with no digital experience. Now, it’s rare that no one at least produces content for a website. This crowd was especially savvy.
  2. Similarly, there always used to be doubters in the crowd. No longer: everyone sees the value, but would just like pointers on how to do it better.
  3. Amongst people who think they’re beginners, there are often some fairly sophisticated users of social media. At EurActiv, some attendees were making impressive use of Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, and social media measurement platforms.
  4. I often tend to run through common “stumbling blocks”. At EurActiv, I mentioned lack of internal support and resistance from IT and/or legal as issues, but not a single attendee had any sort of internal stumbling block. Great news, as this (and lack of resources) used to be cited as the primary reason for not embracing digital.

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