Pet hate: “there’s no digital element in this”

There always is. ALWAYS. And thanks to input from my clever colleagues, Aoife and James, from now on, in order to make this very, very clear, I’ll explain digital to PA crowds solely in terms of how it can be used in support of traditional PA activities and will always avoid supposed jargon like content and engagement.

Meaning what? Summarising PA very neatly in 4 categories – i) getting your message to policy-makers and influencers; ii) building relationships with policy-makers and influencers; iii) building and mobilising alliances and networks of support; iv) intelligence monitoring – I’ll then move on to explain how each of these four categories can be enhanced using a variety of digital tactics.

Fingers crossed it’ll get more of the nay-sayers onboard.


One thought on “Pet hate: “there’s no digital element in this””

  1. I agree about the LinkedIN groups. But depending on your topic, one place that has emerged even more crucial has been Quora. I’m not sure if the Eurocrats are up on it yet, but in the technology sector it’s become more important over the past year.

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