Policy blogging in Brussels: more of it please

I wrote a post on Fleishman-Hillard’s Public Affairs 2.0 blog last week on the shortage of policy-specific blogs in Brussels. My point in short was this: plenty of good quality blogs are being written about the EU at large which cover a wide array of issues and often result in decent conversations. Movers and shakers in Brussels read these blogs, and yet the scores of organisations present here whose remit is to engage with policy makers and other stakeholders on issues key to their sectors are virtually non-existent in the blogosphere. Why?! They’ll write position papers, engage in face-to-face meetings, develop alliances, work with the media, and yet they won’t blog. What a wasted opportunity to present their views in an ongoing narrative, engage with other stakeholders and build relationships, all while showcasing people in the most open and transparent medium imaginable rather than just presenting a faceless organisation through the same age-old tactics.

Anyway, no point in paraphrasing the post when you can read it here (note the good comments too.) Further comments very welcome (here or on PA 2.0.)


3 thoughts on “Policy blogging in Brussels: more of it please”

  1. Hi Steffen – couldn’t agree more. There seems to be a very poor uptake of blogging and generally speaking, digital tools, in the EU public affairs community. Though this present you an opportunity, it’s very surprising given the widespread use of online tools, searches, videos and content by EU officials and policy makers.

    I always say that the problem is having 21st century tools with a 20th century mindset is useless: time to change radically in the approach!

  2. Hi Steffen

    In line with what you and Gabor have said, we have tried to have a go at filling this current gap with a Public Policy Blog: http://www.publicpolicy.telefonica.com/blogs/

    It’s a place for us in Telefonica to share views on public policy developments, including at EU level, on telecoms and ICT issues. I hope that it is the start of a wider conversation on policy themes, and we’d welcome any comments you may have on the blog as it is so far.

    1. Looks great Jaymeen, congrats. Goes without saying I guess, but the key to success in blogging is being relevant, thus always thinking of your audience and never writing about Director X’s pet project, an impressive yet irrelevant CSR project etc. Plus mixing it up a bit e.g. say for instance a short video interview with someone interesting one week, a longer analytical piece the week after, and a review of a report the week after that?

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