Overused words #1: “strategy”

Strategy, strategy, strategy. Everyone’s a strategist. Everything requires a strategy. They’re all at it: comms people are constantly meeting to strategise. In actual fact, they’re usually talking about a single element of a strategy. And there often isn’t even a strategy to begin with as everyone’s too busy obsessing over isolated tactics within their remit. So they’re actually talking about elements of a non-existent strategy. They’re being non-strategic in their efforts to strategise.

A strategy is the overarching framework you apply to your issue or campaign. It’s the bit where you go from steps 1-10 to figure out where you are and where you need to go, and all the bits in between. After that, everything else should be about filling in the blanks. Doing things in order to match what you laid out in your strategy.

It’s all very well to meet and chat about stuff or to plan things. Just don’t call it strategy.


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