Thou shalt not speak funny

I don’t know about you, but when someone speaks to me in an over-the-top, pompous, formulaic manner, I find it off-putting. Why is it then that old-school communicators insist on their organisation’s output being framed in exactly this sort of way? We are delighted to announce… we are absolutely and whole-heartedly committed to… our Chairman, Mr X, has repeatedly stated that… and so on and so on.

This sort of gibberish is especially off-putting online, where hierarchies are being eradicated and the order of the day is to communicate at level pegging, de-formalise, and be as open and honest as you would when talking to a friend. And it’s actually detrimental in an age where people are increasingly cynical and want you to show, explain and prove yourself rather than expect them to simply trust you because you make heavy-hitting statements.


One thought on “Thou shalt not speak funny”

  1. My dear boy, I’m really not too sure what you are implying, but I fear you might be a tad critical of the oh so subtle and indirect language of the English… please don’t be too hard on us, in a crisis, we revert to type and the adjectives and gross exaggerations just pour out. I’m sure the Italians and/or Danes have their own little quirks under pressure… 🙂

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