Hypocrite? Almost but not quite

Before this post, I hadn’t blogged for two weeks; and looking at my output over the last few months, it’s been pretty infrequent and not especially inspiring stuff by and large (not that I’m by any means claiming to have written super inspirational stuff on a regular basis before then, but you get the gist.) Why is that? 60 hour weeks and plenty of travel, in short. Problem is, I HATE that excuse. So f’ing what if I’m working hard? A post can be ten lines long. I could blog while I travel, I could get up 2o minutes earlier in the morning and write a post or likewise go to bed 20 minutes later. That’s where I’m a hypocrite. I frequently tell clients who claim that they just don’t have the time and resources to engage online that they DO have the time: if they value its importance and what it can do for them, surely they can add a half hour here or there into their oh so busy schedules. And if they really can’t, sleep a little less, cancel the game of golf, or – heaven forbid – cut a meeting short.

That’s where I’m not quite a hypocrite: I don’t have as much control of my agenda as most clients do as it’s they who populate it (and I don’t play golf!) so I can’t as easily give myself a slot to write a post. Although I could sleep a little less and not read while travelling… Guess it’s not just about time: the long hours make you value the spare time you do manage to muster and the last thing you want to do when you have a moment to yourself is to draft a blog post.

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One thought on “Hypocrite? Almost but not quite”

  1. Steffen,

    I think you’re being a little too hard on yourself my friend. Chin up. Sometimes time is indeed too scarce.

    Having said that, I think the answer to this is one we all know. This online world is now part of all of our day jobs (we all find time to read the FT every morning and the EV no matter how busy we are). If we see it as an ‘add-on’ it’s always likely to slip down our agenda.

    Yep it’s hard to keep a blog going – see our own lull this summer – but as you say posts can be short, sweet and can refer to other things we’ve seen as much as offering opinion. If it’s integrated in what you do offline – there should be more than enough time and content available.


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