Letting people other than senior-president-director-chairman So&So represent your company

In my last post I wrote about having experts represent your company. Another thing worth mentioning along those same lines is having lesser mortals represent your company to the outside world. Many a client has recoiled in horror when I’ve suggested that someone other than really senior spokespeople could possibly be the face of the organisation.

I think that’s wrong on a lot of levels.

Sure, if you’re talking about hardcore regulatory stuff you’re embroiled in or apologising for something awful you’ve done, the more senior the better. It shows you care at the highest level of your organisation. But if it’s more fluffy stuff you’re talking about, why on earth not let the people who are responsible, know lots about it, or are really into it write or talk, whatever their position in the organisation? What’ll happen?!

Plus there are tangible benefits:

  • The old social media cliche: it gives a face to the organisation that goes beyond the CEO, and that makes the organisation appear more “real” and likeable – and even trustworthy. Would you trust someone closer to your age who is still making the grade and is telling you something interesting more than a slick spokesperson who has been around the block a thousand times? Quite possibly.
  • It shows the outside world that the company trusts its people. That in itself is a benefit: the organisation trusts its more junior people so much that it’s willing to let them front the company?! Impressive, they must be good.
  • The internal trust issue: show your more junior people that you think they’re important enough to be a face of the organisation and you’ll more likely keep them happy, motivated and loyal.

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