Should we use term X or Y to entice an MEP?

August 26, 2009

This question was discussed at length in a meeting I attended this week, and no doubt props up all the time elsewhere. The key thing to note is that term X and term Y really weren’t that different. And frankly, who cares? Not the MEPs. One word or another won’t make the difference. As a communicator, it is best to focus on story and substance, and what will resonate with an MEP’s constituents. So instead of terminology, go for the elevator pitch (ick, I hate using the word elevator, but lift pitch doesn’t work does it..?) Think of the 3 key issues and your 3 key responses, and summarise them to perfection in 30 seconds and be prepared to build on them subsequently. Be a salesman, not a poet. Not as sexy? Your loss.


3 Responses to “Should we use term X or Y to entice an MEP?”

  1. I have seen more understandable posts of yours… 😉

  2. Steffen Says:

    Goodness you’re right. Just re-read and it sounds like I was drunk. What I’m trying to say is don’t obsess with terminology but focus on your message!

  3. Steffen Says:

    I added a couple of filler words to make this post a little clearer. Bad blog etiquette but so is writing stuff which people don’t understand.

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