The web in the hands of nutjobs: dangerous?

I heard today that the Internet is dangerous because it’s accessible to anyone, including “crazy demagogues who can manipulate naive people” (I quote) while TV and radio are hard to get onto and are thus safer.

What a load of tosh. Surely the opposite is true? Hitler used radio pretty darn well. However, no one could respond, no one could question, comment or start a counter-campaign. On the other hand, the web is accessible to anyone, meaning that for every nutjob, you get a thousand others countering.

So are we not better off in the Internet Age? Or am I missing something? Is the web indeed a threat?


One thought on “The web in the hands of nutjobs: dangerous?”

  1. Iran and China come to mind, governments without the consent of the governed are the ones who are afraid of critical faculties and the erosion of their media monopolies.

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