Blogging as literature

Short post. I was in a meeting recently talking about blogging. The client, a literature buff, digressed a little and said he thought blogging was all well but a blog could never be truly “great” because the nature of the medium is such that the writing is fragmented, or lacks structure and flow.

I agreed with him. Not that it’s an issue of concern of course – the nature of the medium might not be suited to fine works of literature – but it’s extremely well suited to much else.

However, my colleague Jesus last week told me of a project called Cómo cazar un dragón which he’s working on with a Spanish writer. It’s a work of literature written as a blog, with the writer posting a chapter a week. Here’s the really interesting bit. Each new entry is influenced by readers’ comments following the previous post: people who leave comments can even subsequently become characters in the story. Brilliant concept, I think, and one that will soon result in a masterpiece no doubt!


One thought on “Blogging as literature”

  1. Steffen, this blog/writing project sounds very interesting. Beyond postmodern, in some ways, since the story will have not only alternative endings, but also beginnings and middles too, if the blog readers have input into the narrative. As new as this is, it’s also a way to return to the old: serial fiction used to be so popular during the nineteenth century! Now journals can’t really get readers interested in reading even short stories, much less serialized novels. The blogs however may take over in that domain.

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