Fussy consumers

I was in Paris over the weekend. While there, I went to a nice-looking bar for a pre-dinner drink. The drink was good, they had a cool concept for serving snacks, the place looked fresh and upmarket. And yet something wasn’t quite right. I looked around and eventually (quietly in my own head) realised it was two things: 1) the bar staff was scruffy (not cool scruffy, but I can’t be bothered to be here scruffy) and the tables really didn’t fit the decor. Was it a big deal? No. I enjoyed the hour spent there, sure. However, I probably won’t go back and I won’t recommend it to others. With trendy (and pleasant) bar-staff and snazzy tables I might have.

Moral of the story?

  1. I’m a frightful snob.
  2. As consumers we have so much choice that we’ve become incredibly discerning (more so than most of realise, I suspect).
  3. Given point 2 and that taste is subjective, getting whatever you sell to consumers just right is impossible (I’m sure others thought the tables were just fine). Nonetheless, you should get the basics right (trying to set up a cool and upmarket bar? Make sure your bar-staff look the part). Same goes if you’re selling a gadget, car, holiday, meal or whatever.

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