Why I like Nespresso (not just the coffee)

I made a coffee using an old Philips Senseo machine this morning.  The coffee was OK, but I know Senseo will be obsolete in a few years, as the machine looked dated and the experience of making the coffee was not especially memorable (should it be, some might say?) Others have tried to produce coffeemakers with the aim of becoming the standard-bearer (Lavazza, Saeco) but I’m guessing they’ll fail too. Nestlé, with their Nespresso brand, have however been spectacularly successful. What have they done right?

  • Quality. No question, the coffee tastes awesome. It could perhaps be a little stronger, but it’s better than or as good as anything else on the market.
  • Variety. Not only is it good, it caters to all tastes. It’s dead easy to make an espresso, but just as easy to make a bigger coffee, and hey presto, get yourself an accessory and you can bang up a cappuccino in a minute.
  • An affordable luxury. It looks better and more expensive than other machines, but the pricing approach is clever (for the machines, not the capsules the coffee comes in). They’re priced just about high enough to be deemed a luxury good, but not quite high enough to be too expensive for most middle-class buyers (and there are ways to get money off when buying one).
  • Most of all, the story: the branding effort has been really clever. Not necessarily the ads featuring George Clooney, but the rest of it (although the self-deprecating, yet effortlessly cool and urban Clooney is a good choice). What is the story? Basically, that drinking Nespresso is about as unique an experience you can have drinking coffee, and that you’re part of an elite group if you drink Nespresso. Why? Most of all, the gorgeous little capsules. Having scores of dinky looking, brightly coloured capsules with classy Italian names is clever, because it makes a coffee so much more than just a coffee. Each coffee is an experience in itself, you get to know the colours and names, establish your favourites, and can share your stories with other Nespresso drinkers. What’s more, most people join the Nespresso Club after buying a machine, which makes it really easy to buy capsules and allows members to get freebies at the Nespresso shops dotted about most major cities. What this all does is make Nespresso drinkers feel a bit special.

Moral of the story? Very basic and repeated by scores of marketers every day: if you’re the purveyor of a good or service in a competitive market, make your product as good as it can be, and be sure to build a story around it so as to differentiate it from your competitors.


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  1. Nespresso is not a luxury product.The machines are manufactured in China although Nespresso falsely alleges they are manufactured in Switzerland. Raed the small print and it says on the machine box MADE IN CHINA. The machines break after one year and the company overcharges an exorbitant fee to repair the machine. The fancy names given to the blends is a marketing tool that falsely leads the consumer to beleive they are getting a fancy blend when in fact all the blends taste the same. And or course the capsule. The espresso capsule was invented by ILLY COFFEE. Nestle Nespresso COPIED or GOT the idea of espresso capsules from ILLY COFFEE. This was mentioned in a NY Times article which attributes ILLY COFFEE as being the first company to introduce espresso capsules.

  2. Sophie, it must be nice to print such dribble.
    – if Nespresso falsely alleges the machines are made in Switzerland the small print would say “Made in Switzerland” duh
    – “The machines break after one year” – evidence? under what load? 1 cup per day, 10? 100? 1000?
    – “All blends taste the same” – you’re obviously an instant drinker, all wine taste the same too love?
    – Illy Coffee should’ve spent some money on their marketing, and maybe they’d have a successful product. Apple didn’t invent the telephone, doesn’t mean the iPhone sux?

    … get a clue babe

  3. In response to Jacques:
    1.when you call Nespresso they LIE and say the machines are made in Switzerland but they are made in China so Jacques duh to you Jacques
    2.The machines break after six months after using one pod a day
    3. Just because the pods taste the same DOES not translate to an instant drinker
    4. ILLY does not have to advertise because they are prevalent in Europe so Nespresso stealing Illy ideas does not work
    5. Jacques get a clue

  4. Ummm so it says Made in China on the machines but when you call them they say they’re made in Switzerland?! Sounds a little implausible. And by the way, the machine I use is now over six months old and used at least 4 times a day and hasn’t broken; and I assure you that I can taste the difference!

  5. Steffen:
    Please call the Nespresso and ask where the machines are manufactured then compare the response with the what the small small print says on the box

    Also, the machine you have is probably not the high end machine. Just read some more blogs and you will see that the romeo, d290 break after a year. Also, did you know that the red d 290 had circuit board defect, Instead of recalling the machines Nespresso advised employees to just replace the machine in an effort to avoid bad publicity since sales are declining. TOO LATE FOR NESPRESSO. Just google Nespresso discrimination and you will see that the company is facing a major lawsuit

  6. A Manhattan man has filed a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights against Nespresso, the giant coffee maker, alleging he was discriminated against by his co-workers for wearing tight jeans. The hilarity stops there, however, as Charlie Batista isn’t some W’burg hipster with an uneven haircut and a trust fund to match.

    According to Edge, the discrimination began back in May 2007 when Charlie Batista’s former supervisor Jules Tuyes , learned he was gay and “committed to charities and activities that raise HIV/AIDS awareness within the New York City gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual Hispanic communities.” When Batista asked his supervisors if they would sponsor Poder Para Todos Unidos (Power for Everyone United), they refused, and Tuyes told Batista that his request had been inappropriate.

    The alleged discrimination continued as Tuyes began filing negative reviews “disguised as guidance” regarding Batista’s work flow at Nespresso, as well as an abrupt scheduling change that Batista felt was a “well orchestrated set up.”

    A Nespresso spokesperson declined to comment on Batista’s case in a recent story in Edge, but did say, “The company is very concerned that this has come to play,” she said. “We’re saddened anyone would walk away with those feelings and concerns.” They told the Post that they deny the allegations of the complaint, which are still under investigation.

    However, the company can’t be too shocked by the complaint, because as Edge reports, “The Nestlé subsidiary’s non-discrimination policy does include gays and lesbians.”

    UPDATE: I spoke with Batista this morning (January 22nd, 2009) to clarify the facts in this article, and he wanted to make it clear that he was not fired, rather, resigned because he felt “scrutinized, discriminated against and terrified to return to the office,” after his co-workers felt offended over Batista’s tight clothing. He also believes there was a “well orchestrated set up” regarding a schedule change following his medical disability leave. He then wrote his supervisor, “I cannot work efficiently knowing that my surroundings could become hostile at any moment.” These quotes were taken directly from his resignation letter to Nespresso.

    Copyright NBC Local Media

  7. Jean Lucan – you’re nuts, you *do* know that, right?

    * “Instead of repairing the units, Nespresso advised people to just replace the machines” – and how is this inferior? And now the other half of your comment,

    * “…replace the machine in an effort to avoid bad publicity since sales are declining” – which is why Nespresso sales are up 20% in 2009.

    You really gotta cut back on whatever you’re drinkin’ bud – can I interest you in an Arpeggio?

  8. Jim: Hey Jim you are fat liar and crazy did you know that

    In the short term sales are up but in the long term NESPRESSO NORTH AMERICA will GO OUT OF BUSINESSespresso knew that the units were defective and could cause cause a fire. Instead of recalling the machines, employees were advised to stay quiet and “fay” say tehy do not have problems with the machine. WHY DOES THE DO THE D 290 AND ROMEO machines BREAK AFTER SIX MONTHS, In addition, when I called the Nespresso club and asked where the machines are manufactured they LIE and say Switzerland.Then I told them the machine box says NESPRESSO MACHINES MADE IN CHINA. WHY LIE? Nestle’s other divisions have been receiving BAD PUBLICITY, SUCH AS NESTLE COOKIE DOUGH IN WHICH E COLI WAS FOUND. COULD IT BE THAT NESTLE DOES NOT WANT TO LOSE MONEY WHICH IT WILL, WITH NESPRESSO DUE TO THE MONEY LOST FROM THE BAD PUBLICITY RECEIVED WITH NESTLE COOKIE DOUGH? Jim , stop being a fat head

  9. Jim: I agree with Jean
    I purchased a d290 that blew up. When I called Nespresso they falsely alleged that they never had problems with the d290 and romeo. I then went to Williams Sonoma and found out from the sales reps that the d290 and romeo break after six months and the machines have a high return rate. The two sales reps were friends of mine. Secondly, it is quite obvious that due to BAD PUBLICITY and declining sales Nestle experienced from their Cookie Dough having E coli, Nestle was going to lose money with the Nespresso subsidiary. Th Nespresso machines are probably made in a sweatshop where labor is exploited. JIM, WHY DOES NESPRESSO IN THE US TELL ITS EMPLOYEES TO LIE ABOUT WHERE THE MACHINES ARE MANUFACTURED. TRY AN EXPERIMENT, CALL THE CLUB AT 800- 562 1465 AND SIMPLY ASK WHERE THE MACHINES ARE MADE. COMPARE THIS RESPONSE WITH WHAT IS LISTED ON THE MACHINE BOX. THIS IS WHY NESPRESSO ADVISED EMPLOYEES TO LIE ABOUT THE DEFECTIVE D 290’S. NESPRESSO MANUFACTURES DEFECTIVE UNITS IN A CHINA SWEATSHOP. DO YOU THINK THE COMPANY IS LOSING MONEY FROM THE LAWSUITS EMPLOYEES ARE BRINGING SO THEY HAVE TO LIE ? JIM YOU ARE A CRAZY LIAR JUST LIKE NESPRESSO.

  10. Hi Sophie,

    Sorry you have a problem, and it seems there’s nothing one can say about it as you pretty much have your mind made up. In fact, you appear to have several crosses to bear: ecoli, chinese labour, whatever.

    I don’t know anything about a d290 (it looks like a Magimix model here) — I’m only taking about my experience with a Krups model.

    I do know three things though:

    * Machines should have a 1 year warranty – use it. If the machines break in 6 months, take it back. It’s under warranty and you’ll do more damage to them by making them pay for repairs than by using all capitols as you write. (It also makes you look like a crazy shouty lady…not good if you want to make a point)

    * If Nestle is having problems somewhere, it’s not with Nespresso – it’s sales are up 20% this year from last; just go Google that (I can’t add links here).

    And shouting “liar” doesn’t mean a thing. I’m not saying anything other than what a reasonable person can learn if they put away their prejudices and read a bit. Of course, if it’s not your world-view, sorry – can’t help you there.

    I like my machine.
    I know many others with Nespressos and no problems that I’m aware of.
    I have no political axes to grind.

    Finally, may I suggest trying the decaf? It’s pretty good…

  11. Jim,
    Obviously you need to return to school and learn how to write and answer questions properly. The Krups model uses the capsules or pods but it was not manufactured by Nespresso which is why it is probably durable. I never mentioned the Krups, I mentioned the d290 and romeo which you Jim purposely ignored. The fact that you Jim said you don’t know, should tell you not to respond if you are not aware of the d290 and romeo machines. Secondly the magimax is in Europe where as i was discussing the Nespresso USA. Third, Jim you are an ignorant person if you have to insult people and not answer the question or respond to the blog: Why does Nespresso lie and say the machines are made in the swiss country when they are really made in China?? Is Nespresso afraid the truth is going to come out about how Nespresso explots Chinease laborers?? Finally, Jim go on a diet because you have fat head

  12. Is it me or is it just obvious to everyone Sohpie, Faid and Jean Lucan are the same person? Moreover, the same small-minded, insulting person bent on making things up to get a (warped) political point across? So what if Nespresso employs the Chinese? “Exploits” is your word, you troll, as from the tone of your posts nothing would satisfy you.

    I’m done with this.

    People, blow past all of us blow-hards: if you have a department store or Nespresso outlet near you, wander in, try the coffee (it’s free) and see if you like it. If so, read review sites where real owners write about the machines (Amazon and Epinions come to mind), research the environmental impact – and look at REAL resources, not yahoos – and make up your *own* mind.

    This Sophie person posts all over (just saw her on another site) continuing her tirade over anything Chinese. Since I seem to bring out the blowhard in her/him/whatever, I’m leaving it at this.

    Think for yourself, folks!

  13. Jim,

    I am not going to continue with this because you are obviously retarded. The point that is being addressed is that NESPRESSO LIES TO IT’S CONSUMERS. Call Nespresso and ask wheret the machines are made and compare this with what is in small print. I do not care if the machines are made in Japan or China the point is that Nespresso misleads and purposely lies to its market. THIS IS NOT BEING MADE UP POLITICAL REASONS FOR ECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH. CALL 800 562 1465 AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. NESPRESSO IS FACING A LAWSUIT. IT IS IN THE NEWS. JIM YOU ARE A SMALL MINDED PERSON WITH NOTHING ELSE TO DO. DO YOU WORK FOR NESPRESSO? ARE YOU THEIR PUBLIC RELATIONS PERSON? JUST BECAUSE THE TRUTH HURTS YOU DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO INSULT. BOTTOM LINE: Nespresso Is Terrible.

  14. To Jim,
    Since you are so interested. Jean and Faid are my roommates and they use my computer which is why we have the same ip address. My roommates and I had the same experience with Nespresso. Just because someone does not agree with you does not give you the authority to insult them and say they are wrong. Freedom Of Speech is protected. I do not care where the machines are made. I do care about being lied to as a consumer. When I called 800/562 1465 and asked where the machines are made they said Switzerland but the machine box says China. Why did Nespresso lie? This was said by one of their team leaders. The one question that has been presented has not been answered. Why does nespresso mislead consumers? Also, Jim just because I have two roommates does not support your lies and malice in saying we are the same person. We each shared our experience. Please do not invite people to express their opinions in a public blog if you are going to insult them because they do not share your view. I love my ILLY COFFEE machine and have had the machine for three years with no problem. I wish you well Jim and I hope you can respect opinions that are not in agreement with your own because my opinions and the opinions of my roommates Jean and Faid are supported by facts. Please have a great day

  15. Does anybody who is not banging Sophie have anything bad to say about Nespresso?

    to the clueless Jean/Faid/Sophie threesome:

    In response to Jacques:
    1.when you call Nespresso they LIE and say the machines are made in Switzerland but they are made in China so Jacques duh to you Jacques. – I just called Nespresso and asked them and they said: the machines were made in China, just like it says on the box.

    2.The machines break after six months after using one pod a day – pmsl! oh really? i think you should start drinking the kool-aid

    3. Just because the pods taste the same DOES not translate to an instant drinker – uh, yes it does.

    4. ILLY does not have to advertise because they are prevalent in Europe so Nespresso stealing Illy ideas does not work – well they obviously do as their pod idea flopped. time to hire a new marketing department!

    5. Jacques get a clue – got one, get a new girlfriend, i think sophie likes Faid more than you!

  16. Sophie is a family friend of Faid and Jean. Jean is the brother of Faid his sister. take your mind out the gutter and GO FUCK YOURSELF NO ONE IS BANGING SOPHIE

  17. Jacques

    you are EURO trash. Faid is like a sister and Jean is gay. Would you like to date Jean since your are so fuckin low?? Go back to the euro trash where you came from and take your mind out of the gutter

  18. LOLOLOLOL…. some, eh, three-body are (is) taking things WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to serious. I think ‘get a life’ is not an understatement =))

    Why the f-word are these personalities so f-word mad / frustrated against nespresso? Chill dudes… there are WAY more important things in life than just getting your mind messed up about where a machine was made.

    So f-word what if it’s made in China or some other country? So f-word what if the customer service “lied” (your word, not mine)? You haven’t got the slightest clue about how the world is going around: It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.

    Sophie, Faid and Jean Lucan (or whatever your names / personalities might be) are really some joke that enlighten my day =))


  19. I’m confused – how many Jacques are there now? It seems one Jacques is telling the other that they’re “eurotrash” (I love that – so 80s).

    If it matters, I pull ristrettos from my Nespresso into an Illy shot glass. See? Everyone’s happy!

  20. LOL

    Jim: go to de bijenkorf, buy some illy shot glass, as for a bigger bag, go to nespresso, buy something, put into the illy bag, go home, put some albert heijn-bought spa blauw into the machine, using the electricity from Nuon, in your house bought via Era; and the rest is up to you 🙂

    Everybody happy indeed.

    VIVA THE 80’S !

  21. LOL, i love how Sophie is now so frazzled by her own BS she/he is signing her comments with my name. I never realized I had such an influence

    and I got so confused by their relationships, re-read it and I still can’t work it out – correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like Sophie is banging her brother, who is in turn being banged by family friend Faid – and they all live together and take turn making each other instant coffee’s (which someone once told them tastes just like espresso)

  22. To jim, jacques and Steffan,
    Steffan was scared to post my comments so I am resending them.
    1. I have a mansion of eight rooms and my friend faid and her brother jean stayed in my mansion. here in the US we use the word roommates to signify houseguests
    2. The false allegations you made about “banging” further proves that you jim and jacques have no education and are eurotrash
    3. Jim and Jacques stop fucking each other and go find some women

  23. Also, Jim you are a fathead with no life and jacques you need to take your head out of jim’s ass
    Jim and Jacques you have no class. I know you are jealous of me because I a rich US citizen and having a mansion allows my friends to stay asuests. Unfortunaately, jacque and you jim could not win the argument so you made false allegations about my houseguests. I am rich and I have a mansion and I am A US CITIZEN SO GO FUCK YOURSELF. Steffan you need plastic surgery because your nose looks like a woman

  24. Sophie,

    You are an embarrassment of an American, and I speak as one my self, totally overwhelmed by your small-minded and petty insults, poorly-structured commentary and incredible inability to either get facts straight or make your case without lies and outright bitchiness. That you even attempt to smear Americans by presuming to speak for them is beyond insulting, and also beyond the scope of this board.

    By commenting so, you’re weakened any case you had against Nespresso. You’re clearly a nutcase and a troll.

    When I searched for info on Nespresso, I came across your post (and you know about the Australian posts you made too).

    Whatever you were trying to do to smear Nespresso, you’ve failed. And thanks to the linkiing of the web, and how you copy/paste your lies everywhere, people will find THIS thread and realize how hollow your claims are. And how hollow you are, by the way.

    You’ve killed your own cause. Congratulations.

    PS: Damn Steffan, you’re a pretty ugly woman! 😉

  25. Jim,
    It is quite obvious you are jealous of me. I never said I represented Americans but I pity you Jim because you are NOT American and you cannot read. Jim, you represent the scum of the earth and I was not trying to smear Nespresso. Jim, you and Jacques are very bigoted, dirty minded people who do not accept views that are different from your own. At the inception of the blog,you immediately resorted to insults when I voiced an opinion that was different to your own. Here in America it is called free speech. Also, when you falsely allege that houseguests aka roommates are as you say”banging” clearly shows you have no morals or ethics because you have to resort to making false allegations and insults because of views that are different from yours. I have friends from all over the worlld and they are always welcome in my house. The bottom line with you Jim is your are an immature man who does not know how to disagree with people. As far as Nespresso, the company is facing major lawsuits so there is n o need on my part to smear the company. Also, the Nespresso machine I purchased blew up so I have a legitimate complaint. This is not smear this is fact. I pity you Jim. Jim,you are a small minded

  26. Jim, please take English as a second language and learn about free speech. Then take a course on how to disagree with opiions that are different from your small minded petty fat head. Next, learn how to be a human being. Ans last, realize in America when we have houseguests we DO notbang the roommates. Just because you Jim bang and sleep with your female and MALE guests does not mean we do that in America. You know you started this tirade because I voiced an opinion that was different from your own. IT IS GREAT TO BE IN AMERICA WHERE I LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY

  27. Marcel,I was not bitching about a few hundred dollars. I was complaining about a brand new machine that blew up. I was complaing about the lies said to me by nespresso about where the machines are manufactured. If there is nothing to hide, whhy does nespresso lie to consumers? And last, the reason I am rich is BECAUSE I BITCH ABOUT EVERY PENNY. THAT IS HOW I BECAME RICH

  28. Jim, if you would like me to send you money so you can return to school just ask. I am always willing to help stupid people like you Jim . Also please realize you don’t have to insult people who don’t support your view.
    I never meant to smear anyone. I was simply sharing my experience. It is called democracy. Congratulations Jim you are officially retarded

  29. Thank you Jim Tobin. You by far are the most retarded troll. LOL LOL Check out the comments on the Austrailan blog BUY ILLY

  30. Wow Sophie, that mansion rant sounds like the musings of a 9yo. Nice work! I want to be a millionaire and live in a mansion too!

    Thanks for enlightening the rest of us to the depth of your intelligence, that puts your earlier comments into context – it’s all so clear now

  31. Wow, Jacques you really made a point. Not bad for a stupid uneducated european jacques good boy jacques. now continue your sex romp with jim

  32. WTF ?

    This is reading like a bad American soap opera with this Sophie Dude/dudess and his/her multiple houseguests (or is that personalities ?)

    I like my Nespresso. It hasn’t broken down yet and it’s 18months old. I presume it’s made in China like everything else these days. The capsules are made in Switzerland – in fact they’ve just expanded capacity of the rail line serving the factory.

    I prefer the ristretto and arpeggio caps – the others are just too weak.

  33. Yep Parsi, you’ve got it right: the Arpeggio and Ristretto are great espressos — I use those, and the Fortissimo Lungo, the most out of all the flavors.

    I did pick up one of the sampler boxes, if only to show off a tiny bit and let people have their favourite coffee. A few friends love the decaf, which I approach like a vampire approaches garlic. To each their own – and thats why I love the system.

    Oh, and on the other part – yeah, you’ve got it right there too. Let’s get back to the coffee…

  34. WTF is right parsi

    IN the US we have the rigto ht to free speech. You don’t have to agree with it. You have your experience and I have my experience. This entire blog started because Jim Tobin and Jacques do not know how to disagree. Jim and Jacques try to win an argument by insulting and making false allegations towards individuals who do not agree with them . The insults started with them. How nice that Jim and Jacques can get so easily angered.

  35. Also, parsi, the disagreement was not about that Nespresso makes the machines in China. The disagreemnt came about because Nespresso lied to consumers. I understand that you and Jim do not read English. If they have nothing to hide why does Nestle Nespresso lie?

  36. Hey Parsi, yeah those two are my favorite also. Don’t ask Sophie, she still thinks it all tastes like International Roast.

    I also got a recording of the phone call she made to Nespresso, its hilarious – here’s an extract:

    Sophie: why do you claim your Nespresso machines are made in Switzerland when they’re made in China?

    Customer Service: are you near your machine?

    Sophie: Yes

    CS: Can you read what it says on the bottom?

    Sophie: Made in China

    CS: So how did we claim that it was made in Switzerland?

    Sophie: That’s what I’m asking you?? Don’t try and turn it around?!!

    CS: Thank you for buying a Nespresso product, is there anything else I can help you with?

    Sophie: I’m not finished with you! You make baby milk powder by raping pregnant mothers and burning their bodies don’t you??!

    CS: What’s that noise in the background?

    Sophie: What noise? It’s nothing

    Jean Lucan: oh yeah Sophie, I’m close baby, keep going nuts I’m about to go all over Faid

    CS: That’s disgusting, you all make me sick

    Sophie: Now you wait just a minute you fat head!

  37. HAH! Now THAT’S worth returning for!

    Jacques, spot on. I love this part – “Sophie: I’m not finished with you! You make baby milk powder by raping pregnant mothers and burning their bodies don’t you??!”

    Free speech doesn’t mean freedom to make it up and call people names. This is so funny…

  38. The reason for misinformations from the Nespresso Club is most of the employees have been there for less than 3 months with a 1 month brain washing for why Nespresso is so great, thus they have little/no knowledge of what has gone wrong with their machines and especially where they are made. They do not/cannot treat their own staff with respect how can you then believe their AAA project?

    The case in the US will not be a single case, just most people cannot go further with any complaints. If you have a broken machine after 6 months they have to fix/replace it and if your machine is broken for any reason it is very likely it is common fault. Print boards on some automatic machines overheat. Machines are designed in Switzerland -> made in China (I wonder if the machine plants are any better with human rights?)

    Just some things to think about the next time you are feeding your next expensive alluminium capsule to the machine, how much of that capsule do you think goes to the people that oil the cogs of Nespresso? The sales people, the farmers, the farmers workers? If it is 0.01% I think it is lucky.

  39. Seems to be a lot of opinion and speculation and no real fact.
    .01%? Human rights? Misinformation? Almost certainly, but from whom?

    I tend to think that people who post on this thread don’t really do much research, but rather have some kind of ax to grind – usually it seems to be a anti-globalization offshoot of some kind.

    Just some thing to think about when you read this thread..

  40. David,

    You made an excellent point. However, I advise not to waste time with this blog because Jacques and Jim are obviously mentally disturbed individuals. Look at the text of their responses. The relaity is that if you do not agree with Jum, Jacques, Parsi or Marcel, they will go to great lengths to insults and defame any individual who does not share their opinion. Don’t waste your time with stupid trashy people. Jacques and Jim, you will most likely end up in prison and that is something I wish upon you because the insults you resorted to since people do not agree with you show you are not sane. Have a nice life.

  41. Also, I just returned from Spain where I had Lavazza and it is great. Jim, no one has an ax to grind. Jacques, are you and Jim still fucking?

  42. To Jacques: Here is the conversation between Jim and Jacques

    Jacues: Oh Jim I have notyhing better to do in my life than insult people in a blog

    Jim: Don’t worry Jacques just keep blowing me
    Jacques: Okay jim and then we can return to the blog while Sophie is travelling across Europe because we have nothing better to do

    Jim:But I like insulting sophie because she does not agree with

    Jacques: Jim please fuck

    Jim and Jacques I hope you two enjoy your relationship

  43. David, look at the comments posted. Jacques and Jim sound like very bitter and unhappy people. Do you think after fucking each other Jim and Jacques retreat to the blog engage in insults and then blow each other? Jim and Jacque, please do not be ashamed but your secret is out. Instead of arpeggio, jacques is drinking Jim urine

  44. Sophie, better sign up to some classes – start with grammar and spelling and go from there.

    Moron, your bus is leaving!

  45. Jacques, rather be a moron than a sick fuck like you. Jacques, your husband Jim is waiting for you in the bedroom. Stop be so bitter and go take a lesson on how to be a human being

  46. Jacques, if you are ever in the US let me know I will pay for your classes on etiquette. I feel so sorry for trash like you. You only know how to win an argument by slander.

  47. LOL, slander like this?

    Finally, Jim go on a diet because you have fat head
    you are EURO trash
    Jim and Jacques stop fucking each other and go find some women
    Jim you are a fathead with no life and jacques you need to take your head out of jim’s ass
    I am rich and I have a mansion and I am A US CITIZEN SO GO FUCK YOURSELF. Steffan you need plastic surgery because your nose looks like a woman
    Jim, you represent the scum of the earth
    Jim,you are a small minded
    Jim, please take English as a second language
    Just because you Jim bang and sleep with your female and MALE guests…
    Congratulations Jim you are officially retarded
    good boy jacques. now continue your sex romp with jim

    Sophie, learn how to disagree with someone without resorting to slandering them please… you dumb moll

  48. Jacques,

    Thank you for reminding us not to stoop to your low level and Jacques stop being so bitter and do something with your life. It is nice to see I got a reaction out of you


  49. Jacques,
    Thank you for reminding us not to stoop to your low level and Jacques stop being so bitter and do something with your life. It is nice to see I got a reaction out of you


  50. Jacques,
    Thank you for reminding us not to stoop to your low level and Jacques stop being so bitter and do something with your life. It is nice to see I got a reaction out of you


  51. On October 9, 2009 at 11:47 pm, Sid Says:
    “How can I buy one cheaper as you mention in your original article?”

    The best bet is shopping online; I went through a place called redcoon.nl (they ship through most of central Europe) and I saved about €80, pretty good on a €250 item! It seems expensive in the US (I’m referencing my unit, the Citiz with Milk @ $350). You might want to wait – we’ve had the unit 6-8 months earlier than in the US, so the price is still artificially high.

    Please note that I’m speaking about the machines and not the coffee. Nestle does the boutique-thing with the capsules so you’d have to check their site for stores in your area.

  52. Sophie,
    every post of mine gets 3 reactions from you – kind of moronic how you can’t express yourself in one post

    acually very moronic!

    anyone who reads this page comes to one conclusion as Jim has previously noticed – you’re a very dim troll with no credibility. Post under a different name if you want anyone to take you seriously

  53. Jacques, monsieur, remember – don’t feed the trolls!

    I’m sure Steffan (the blog owner, we remember him, right?) is having a really good laugh at all this…

  54. Jacques,
    It is quite apparent that you want the last word so I will allow you and jim to satisfy your ego and you can have the last word,]. Also, the only moron here is you and Jim. A blog is supposed to be a forum of free expression and freedom of speech.From the very begining you and jim selected to insult me because I don’t share views that coincide with your narrow views. You and Jim were the first to throw punches with insults and false accusations so I selected to repsond with the same jargon of insults since that is the only jargon you know. The bottom line is that not everyone is satisfied with Nespresso as a product and we each have our own evidence to support this. If My views had supported yours this constant argument would not have transpired.Again, the fact that you and jim have resorted to insults shows the immaturity and the low life that you are. The error I made was to stoop to your level. I rather be a troll than an mentally disturbed fuck like the two of you

  55. To anyone who read this blog, I urge you not to disagre with jim or jacques. If you do these two mentally disturbed poor excuses for a human being will begin to insult you and start a tirade. Anyone who has read jacques post comments will agree that Jacques and Jim will share a prison cell together in the near future. I urge you not to disagree because the insults will start rolling and you will be involved in a stupid tirade with two ignorant people, jacques and jim who give meaning to the word “retarded”.

  56. @Jim –

    Thanks for the fortission recommendation – finally purchased a few sleeves of them and they are certainly tasty.

  57. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah aha ah aha ha ah aha haaaaaaaaa!
    I have not laughed so hard in a very very long time… I came here to read some honest opinions on Nespresso before I decided whether or not to buy one – instead I got this – hilarious!

    Anyway, I will not resort to belittling or abusing anyone as many on this blog have done, but wish to leave a couple of thoughts.

    Thank you to those who managed to sneak in a little evidenced information on the site – I’ve checked it out, asked many other owners their opinions and done my research. From that I have decided to purchase a machine.

    Thank you also for blatantly displaying misinformed, biased opinion. “Sophie” and “it’s” supporters obviously have the proverbial BEE in their Bonnet, and it will certainly an ISP address I will be blocking, an opinion I will be looking out for and disregarding anywhere on the web.

    The only question I have now is why Stefan has let this get so out of hand? Stefan – I urge you – no BEG you to delete all the personal abuse and leave only the facts and opinion about Nespresso stay – after all, that’s what we’re searching for when we arrive at your Blog.

    Oh – and “Sophie”, save your breath, and your tirade – my email address is bogus, and I won’t be bothering to check this site again.

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